Seeds of Hope Facts:

Mission Statement:

To build self-sustaining communities that create the conditions to enable individuals who are at a crossroads in their lives develop their livelihood, learning and creative potential through engagement with each other in learning activities, social enterprises and community endeavours.


Incorporated 2001. Current mission established 2003.

Charitable Registration: #13929 8830 RR 0001

Annual Operating Budget (2009): $475,000

Visits: Approximately 15,000 annual visits / individual program participation

Volunteers: Around 200 active volunteers weekly

Hospitality:100 visitors for weekly community meals


Yellow Door Learning Centre: Structured wellness, life skills and creative arts workshops. (25-35 sessions weekly)
Alano Club: Recovery Programs (20 sessions weekly) and Supports for Broadview Homes housing residents

Seeds of Hope Communities:

6 St. Joseph House Resource Centre, three wellness and learning classrooms/studios, Seeds of Hope offices and home of the Chocosol trade enterprise.
Yellow Door Learning Centre wellness, life-skills, creative arts and social enterprise workshops.
Broadview Homes supportive housing for 21 men in recovery, with a model of community engagement.
Alano Club meeting place for men and women in recovery
Lazarus House supportive community centre for women in recovery
Social Enterprise Programs incubating community and social enterprise
Chocosol Youth Apprenticeships
Suitcase Theatre youth & seniors
Green Oasis vegetable gardens
Inspired Harmony Project in public libraries & schools