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Our Projects

Work & Purpose

Saint Joseph Table

Café at 6 St. Joseph's serving foods, herbs and tisanes grown by community. A place where all can encounter ‘the other’ in a safe and social and hospitable atmosphere.

A gallery of paintings poetry and other arts and crafts as well as oils, vinegars and tisans made by community can also be purchased.

Noble Institution for Environmental Peace

The Noble Institution for Environmental Peace is an international academy of education in the relationship between our environment and the health of our society.  The Noble Institution creates unique teaching methods that resonate with our unique individuals to allow them to gain certificates and diploma in practical and social applications within our environment.

Workshops and Courses run in 4 semesters at 6 St. Joseph and Carrot Green Roof.

Planet Geek

A friendly bunch of folks, open-source-oriented, environmentally-conscious, and volunteer-supported.

We work to keep e-waste (computers and related gear) out of landfill, putting it into the hands of those who can (re)use it.

Reset Enterprise

Incubating community and social enterprise.

Recovery Education Social Enterprise Employment Together

We have a variety of approaches and opportunities to enable people to engage in meaningful work. This includes apprenticeships, work explorations and training.

Getting Back on Track

A series of immediate opportunities, apprenticeships and employment programs.

Social Justice

Open door approach for advocacy of  personal and social justice issues.

Soul & Spirit

Healing From the Core Clinic

A space where psychotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths and homeopathes give of their time work one on one with people suffering trauma, addiction and other health Issues

Practitioners are given space to use for free and give pro bono help to those unable to afford.

Spiritual Retreats

The Ignatian Spiritual Project offers men and women who are homeless and in recovery from addiction the opportunity to change their lives. Ignatian spirituality and Ignatian retreats are an effective and important resource in laying a foundation of hope which can lead to further and long-lasting transformation.

Education and Learning

Innovation Lab

A collective of technicians and creatives that help empower at-risk, low income and people that have become homeless through inclusive digital tools. This includes harnessing unorthodox creativity in new and relevant ways.


Toronto Dollar

The Toronto dollar is a paper local currency aimed at working in the local community so that people with no income or low income can volunteer in the community and earn Toronto Dollars that allows people to use the currency in participating local grocery stores is being used in local shops for use

The currency can be purchased by anyone at a number of locations at a 1-for-1 rate. Local businesses can agree to accept the currency at par with the Canadian dollar. Merchants are free to exchange Toronto dollars for Canadian dollars twice a month, at the rate of 90 cents to the dollar

The Toronto dollar also provides an incentive for productivity for welfare recipients: Toronto dollars can be given as gifts to welfare recipients who perform volunteer work for charitable and non-profit organizations, and such gifts do not affect welfare benefits.

Tiny Houses

This project focuses on providing housing for homeless people, homeless living in shelters, unsheltered and homeless people that are provincially accommodated

This project aims to empower homeless people and restore their dignity and honor their basic human rights. As Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

This model of tiny houses can be similarly applied to all groups in the community that require affordable and secure housing, such as those living in shelters, single parents, low-income workers, young people and the elderly

Phones Of Hope

Help Support people in poverty and living outside with a lifeline!

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