A New Model of Compassion & Creativity

Recognizing the importance of community in people's lives at the crossroads

Seeds of Hope

It is the mission of Seeds of Hope to build self-sustaining communities that create the conditions to enable individuals at a crossroads in their lives develop their livelihood, learning and creative potential through engagement with each other in experiencing social enterprise and community endeavors.

Seeds of Hope Foundation has a 16-year history of operating two resource centres and five housing projects that work to stop this ‘Revolving Door’ of individuals moving from the street to police arrest to hospitalization and back to the street.  Our main focus has been to create ‘centres of friendship’ that are safe places, and to encourage individuals who are at a crossroads in their lives to support one another. People can be at a crossroads in their lives for many reasons, including recovery from addiction or mental health challenges, unemployment or just bad luck. They also bring many skills that allow us to operate with minimal overhead.

Our resource centres operate as ‘open space learning centres’ where meals & learning centre programs are offered at no charge.

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