Seeds of Hope is a practical and creative approach to engaging citizens in more compassionate responses to the challenges of livelihood and homelessness.

Hope In Covid: Thank you sponsors and volunteers!

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The Power of Caring:

The power of a welcoming and caring community in action brings transformation to the lives of the people it serves. The spirit of Seeds of Hope initiatives has helped many to overcome homelessness and livelihood challenges to experience joy, peace and beauty. These stunning portraits of our members by Edward Gajdel truly honour this transformation.

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Places of Hope and Belonging

We provide places of hope and belonging for those at a crossroads in their lives. Places where people find their gifts and abilities through communities of compassion and caring. Our transitional homes, safe places, and creative spaces enhance livelihood, learning, and social opportunities.

Planting seeds of hope...

The neighbourhood rooftop garden at The Carrot Common is a healing garden maintained by Seeds of Hope volunteers

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