Buy a "Smiles for Hope" hand-painted mask to help the homeless

Take a selfie and spread the word!

It is a chance to put a smile on your face, while supporting an organization that helps some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Toronto artist and musician Sandy Gordon is selling her original, hand painted face masks, with all the proceeds going to the charity Seeds of Hope.

Gordon’s masks feature wide, goofy smiles and have become a sensation wherever they’ve been seen.  In November and December Sandy Gordon will be selling each original hand painted mask for $25, with 100% of the proceeds going to Seeds of Hope. She’s dubbed the campaign Smiles for Hope.  

The Citrine Foundation of Canada has generously stepped forward to match sales, meaning that when you buy a mask for $25, Citrine contributes an equal amount, turning it into a $50 donation to Seeds of Hope—all up to a maximum of $1500.  In addition, Citrine will match any direct donations to Seeds of Hope up to $15 thousand during the months of November and December 2020.

To spread the word, purchasers are encouraged to take a selfie wearing their mask and to post it on social media with the hashtag #smilesforhope and to tag @seedsofhopeto.

Gordon started making her masks as gifts for family and friends.  As their popularity grew, she was inspired to start selling them but chose to turn it into a charitable endeavour.

“In such a terrible time, where we can’t see each other faces, I wanted to make everyone smile. I just wanted to do something for my community, and I’m having a blast!” she said.

She chose Seeds of Hope because she wanted to contribute to a charity that helps the homeless.  Since 2003, Seeds of Hope has been working with homeless people. During the pandemic it has been focusing on food security, distributing about 2000 food hampers and “survival packs” every week, almost entirely delivered by volunteers.  

“We’re very grateful and inspired by Sandy’s campaign. And Citrine’s offer to match donations is very generous,” said Seeds of Hope Executive Director Kimberly Curry.  

“Sandy’s masks make everyone smile—the people wearing them, and the people who see them.  We’re happy to support this creative and impactful initiative and the important work of Seeds of Hope,” said JoAnne Korten, President and CEO of The Citrine Foundation of Canada.

Sandy will be posting a selection of masks every week on her Sandy's Smiles for Hope Facebook page along with information on how to purchase your very own.   Each is an original creation.  

They will be sold on a first come first served basis.  They are made from 100% cotton, can be washed by hand and have three layers, as recommended by Health Canada.  All proceeds will go to Seeds of Hope.

Donors can also make direct contributions to Seeds of Hope here.  While charitable receipts cannot be issued for mask sales, donations over $20 will be eligible for receipts.

See the Facebook page for various styles and information on how to purchase

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You will have the option to designate your donation to any of the following Seeds of Hope initiatives: