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Dignity & Belonging

6 St. Joseph House

At 6 St. Joseph House, individuals are invited into a place of hospitality built on a model of shared learning, where each person’s talents are empowered and celebrated. And ultimately, these individuals will give to others what they experience themselves: the dignity of accomplishment, the pride of contributing, and the comfort of friends.

This model of taking positive steps towards rebuilding the lives of individuals taps the “genius of local communities”, and builds on the contributions of the people who volunteer at 6 St Joseph House. We have seen that ‘to belong,' people must experience unforced, unpaid support and acceptance, and be encouraged, in a safe emotional environment, to come to acknowledge and share with others their own gifts.

Seeds of Hope operates an effective peer-based model that is relatively low cost and can transition individuals who have become homeless due to mental health and/or addiction challenges. This model has enabled Seeds of Hope to be responsive to community needs and to operate without government funding. The results are transformative in helping individuals, who may have previously felt socially exiled. We see many examples where individuals are able to re-build their lives and re-enter community with a sense of purpose and self-worth.

6 St. Joseph House operates the ‘Yellow Door Learning Centre’. Many of our facilitators are volunteers who themselves have struggled with addiction and/or mental illness. These individuals provide over 40 art & wellness courses at our learning centre at 6 St Joseph House. One participant at the ‘Gratitude workshop’ says, “I thank the Creator every day.” Another at the table, a man with a humble demeanour and slight build, quickly adds: “If we receive gratitude the right way, we can receive even more”.

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