Broadview Homes

Stories from our residents

"I was told that it was critical to me to establish a solid foundation of Recovery from the very beginning. [Broadview Homes] provided me with the safe, supportive and affordable environment that I needed to focus on this. Today I live a life of balance, with a strong Recovery, a successful career, and the love and support of those around me, and I credit my time in [Broadview Homes] with helping me to get here."

"The structure and accountability that [Broadview Homes] provided gave me an extra layer of protection in my early Recovery. While I had set-up all the important support structures like a Sponsor, a Home Group, a regular meeting schedule and new friends in healthy Recoveries, the additional security of knowing that I was accountable to the house to remain sober and return every evening was an excellent fail safe."

"[Broadview Homes] was like a petri dish of the real world. On a daily basis I was was exposed to social interactions and relationship challenges that it would have taken me months to experience in the outside world. I was able to learn and grow from these experiences and integrate these lessons into my way of life."

"[Broadview Homes] helped me to learn to be humble. I had spent the majority of my life, driven by my ego and full of bravado. My time in [Broadview Homes] helped me to right size myself and understand how to live at the will of my Higher Power."


"I have recently completed an eight month stay at [Broadview Homes].  It has been a great experience.  I was given just the right amount of independence combined with a supportive environment.  I can’t think of a better way for my recovery to have developed.  The place was well organized, clean and had a fantastic location. Most of the other residents were committed to progressing their recovery and even those that were more on the easy-do-it side had something to offer. I am now back to work in my field, my family relationships are significantly improved and my health is better than it’s been in 30 years. It’s almost hard to believe how much things have changed for the better in a relatively short amount of time."

"[Broadview Homes] has not been the only element of my recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction but, it has made a major and essential contribution toward my progress."


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